Connect Groups During COVID

Connect Groups are absolutely vital to the spiritual growth and development of followers of Jesus. They give us a place where we can grow in our relationship with God and with others.

We were made for human connection. Look at the beginning of Genesis. We are told that God created different things during the first five days. The sun, moon, and stars on one day. The land and seas another day. Animals, plants, sea creatures on subsequent days. At the end of each day, God said three famous words: It is good!

And on the sixth day, God created man. This is the one variation. God broke from the It is good rhetoric and actually said for the first time, “It is NOT GOOD…”

Whoah!!! Not good?

I heard someone explain this one time saying God created man and stepped back and surveyed his creation and said to Himself, “Hmmm. I can do better.” And so he created woman.

I think a woman told me that joke. I didn’t argue.

But what God was seeing when he said It is not good was a man who was alone. He went on to say, “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18). In other words, we weren’t intended to live in isolation. We need each other.

In this season of social distancing, we can’t afford for anyone to be alone. It’s not good for the soul and one of the roles we play in each other’s lives is to minister to the soul. To care for each other’s needs. To bear each other’s burdens.

Let me challenge you with this thought. It is probably more vital now than ever before to stay connected. Let’s keep meeting together. Let’s keep making Connect Groups a priority and figure out ways to stay connected even during social distancing.

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